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Take Me

A Singular Obsession Prequel Novella

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ISBN: 978-1-942336-20-4

About This Book

*This title was part of the Bad Boys Unboxed Set, now unpublished.

FBI agent Jason White has found his dream girl in Maggie Tyler. The only problem…she may be a criminal.


How to land the girl of your dreams:


Step One: Spill hot coffee all over her.

Step Two: Accidentally touch her inappropriately while trying to clean the coffee.

Step Three: Convince her to go out with you anyway.

Step Four: Woo her with ice skating and vintage Street Fighter games.

Step Five: Drag her downtown and accuse her of breaking the law.


*For instruction on how to lose the girl of your dreams see step five above.


Take Me is a standalone prequel novella in the Singular Obsession series. It takes place before the events of Calen’s Captive, A Singular Obsession Book Two, but can be read at any point in the series.