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Occasionally I’m going to try and supply my readers with a free story or extra scene from an already published book.

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Confiscating Charlie, A Singular Obsession Novelette Book 1.5


After crashing and burning his racing career Noah Masters has to figure out what to do with his life. His cousin Alex suggests he find a way to channel his creative energy in a way that doesn’t involve him putting his life in danger.

Then Noah meets his step-mother’s teenage sister Charlie, and he finds he doesn’t have to risk his life to find his future—he just has to risk his heart.

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I have short story called “The Hex”, a Cursed prequel free on most platforms.


You can also read the first three chapters the first three SO novels on goodreads!

Making Her His, A Singular Obsession Book One

Calen’s Captive, A Singular Obsession Book Two

Stolen Angel, A Singular Obsession Book Three


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