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The Readers’ Favorite Results Are In! Winning & Going KU!

The Readers’ Favorite results are in and two of my books have been honored!

Making Her His was a finalist finalist-shiny-weband Calen’s Captive WON SILVER! silver-shiny-web

To celebrate, I’m putting Calen’s Captive and Stolen Angel (the follow-up to Calen’s Captive) available for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!


This may not be great news for you Apple fans 🙁

Amazon asks that your book be made available exclusively on their store for a few months in order be on KU. My books have been available on other sites like Itunes and B&N for a while, but I’m pulling them down temporarily. Once the exclusivity requirement has been met, they’ll go back up. I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause some readers, but I’m hoping the benefits outweigh the costs. I’m trying to earn a living writing, and KU has been good to other authors of my acquaintance.

Also in the near future (hopefully today), my erotic paranormal regency novel Cursed, will be available as a solo title for 99¢ on Amazon and Free on KU. It’s been part of the Secret Worlds Box set for the last two months and has gotten some great feedback there! The Box Set has been an amazing experience and those of you who’ve taken advantage of it to discover new authors have been well-served. It’s still available right now, but the price went up from the introductory 99¢ to $2.99 (still an awesome deal for 21 full-length standalone books!). Consequently, I’m making Cursed available for those who don’t want to spend more than $1

Making Her His will be following the other titles to KU shortly, but I’m waiting for the distributor (BookBaby) to get off its butt and sends notice to the other vendors to delist the book. I’m not sure how long this will take. It’s been a week and compared to other distributors like Draft2Digital (love them more each day), BookBaby is molasses slow. I chose them as a distributor because of their tempting promise that you get to keep ALL of your royalties, but so far these have been small and the service hasn’t paid for itself in the months since I put the book up for sale back in mid-December. You live and you learn. The other books were uploaded with Draft2Digital and it’s a quick and responsive service. They do keep a cut of sales, but it turns out to be worth it for a truly responsive service. Once the KU exclusive period is over I’ll be going back to them to put my books back up on other vendors.

In the meantime Making Her His is only 99¢ if you haven’t gotten it yet!

Also, you die-hard fans of the Singular Obsession Series will be happy to hear the “The Roman’s Woman” (Gio’s story) is finally underway. I’m over 10K words and hopefully will keep up some sort of momentum now that the baby is on a rough schedule—or I’ve learned to sleep through her fussing 🙁

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