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About last night… 5

Yes, I know there was a bratpack movie by that name. No, this isn’t going to be that fun cause no Rob Lowe…

I had a bad night last night and I thought I would share cause I’m all about the schadenfreude. And to explain why it was so bad I have to back a ways. For the second time since the baby was born my back went out. I actually have a long history of back problems going back to grad school when I hurt myself in yoga. Yoga you say? Yes, yoga. In places like Berkeley, where I went to grad school, yoga is a competitive sport. In fact, my German yoga instructor bore a strong resemblance to a drill sergeant. After that injury, I would get neck aches and eventually my back locked up.

In a panic I went to get a chiropractic adjustment yada yada yada, my back was in spasm for like forever. It took years to recover. Doing lab work was particularly bad because nothing was ergonomic. And it wasn’t just my back. The muscles at the base of my skull would tighten too and I would experience severe nausea all the time. I threw up a few times in the street out of the blue. That was fun. Things have improved since and with regular exercise I am pretty much ok. Until the baby was born that is and the regular went out the window.

So a few months back I had another incident where my back started to spasm after I put the baby to bed. But something new and fun happened- my front started to spasm too! The muscles over my diaphragm and stomach rippled, making it hard to breathe and making me void everything in my stomach. I had managed to wake my husband, who was sleeping on the couch, so I did have someone to hold my hair. He called the french equivalent of 911 and it was decided that if it didn’t pass in a few hours he would take me to the hospital. But it did pass and a few days later we found a chiropractor here for an adjustment.

Kinésithérapie isn’t quite the same in France as a chiropractor in the US. I’ve had much better luck with kine’s and physical therapists in France than in the US. I believe they get more schooling and it’s better regulated. So I was pretty confident they wouldn’t make it worse. And I was right. My last adjustment helped a lot, but since I didn’t really change my lifestyle it’s no surprise it happened again.

This time I didn’t wake my husband. I just puked into the sink and then lay on the floor with a heating pad until it passed. I wanted him well-rested in case he had to stay home and watch the baby today. But in the end, I sent him to work and I’ve been stretching a bit more. I will probably go to the doctor to get a course of physical therapy, which unlike the US they will happily give you here.

Maybe I will go see the same chiropractor. He was incredibly handsome. That’s something you have to be prepared for. In this part of France, the beautiful people walk around doing regular jobs like they were one of us. My dentist is really handsome. Shopkeepers etc. Heck, even some of the homeless people are lookers. It’s a bit weird that.

Anyway, the baby is being super good and super cute today. I think she sensed I needed that.

In other news, I signed with an agent earlier this week. She’s going to be pitching some of my books to audiobook companies. Unfortunately, she is not starting with my Lucy Leroux titles because they aren’t very highly ranked right now. I still get some sales and some KU reads, but my best performing book at the moment is Fire, my one non-erotic book. So that’s the one she’s pitching first. Hopefully, something will come of that. Fire is a fun read and I’m having a blast writing Air, the follow-up—when I get the chance.

If you want to help out and improve the chances of your favorite SO book making it to audiobook, you can leave a review on amazon! Positive reviews are a very big deal to indie authors. They can help improve the ranking and better ratings attract more readers. So if you haven’t left a review on your favorite Lucy Leroux book it would be amazing if you could do it now. Making Her His and Cursed are in line to be pitched for audio deals since they are the first of their series, but a review of any book would be great.

Finally, I should be getting SO4 back from the editor today! Gio’s story is well on its way to your kindle. I even chose a cover photo. I am still working on the name though.

What do you like?

A) The Roman’s Woman

B) Gio’s Game

 C) Gio’s Gambit

D) None of those, use this!

I really wanted to call it Gio’s Girl, but he makes a point of calling her a woman and not a girl. Gio’s good that way.

Ooops. The baby is up. Gotta go!

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