Stolen Angel

Stolen Angel

Series: Singular Obsession, Book 3
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Length: novel
ISBN: 9781942336051

Sergei Damov is in love with someone who isnt interested in him, but hes determined to change that.

Sergei has pined for months, waiting for his assistant to turn around and see he's the perfect man for her. But Ada only sees him as her boss. Until one night when they both have to work late and the office is deserted…

It doesn’t happen right away, but soon Sergei has Ada right where he wants her—in his bed. Then demons from his past resurface, and he brutally pushes her away before the darkness inside him can consume them both.

But Ada isn’t about to let herself be used. Soon she turns the tables on him and disappears, leaving a mystery in her wake. Why was Ada working under an assumed name? Not just with him, but at every job she ever held?

Using every resource at his disposal, Sergei desperately searches for her, before the danger she’s running from catches up with her…and to try and heal the heart he shattered.

About the Book

A Readers’ Favorite 5 star read!


“Sergei and Ada’s story is very compelling and the reader is breathless to read the end of their story. Of course, the reader is breathless because of their passion as well. Their chemistry is super hot; it is a wonder Ada was able to resist a hunk like Sergei for that long. A really great work and a very cool cover. A job well done. All in all, a great read!

Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite ★★★★★

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