The Rogues and Rescuer’s Collection: Books 1-4

The Rogues and Rescuer’s Collection: Books 1-4

Series: Rogues and Rescuers
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Thriller
ASIN: B09T974YN8
ISBN: 9781942336648

From 7-time Readers’ Favorite Medalist Lucy Leroux


A 2020 Readers' Favorite Bronze Medal Winner!

One FBI agent. One single-mother. And a toddler who steals his heart. 

All FBI agent Ethan Thomas wants is to come home to his new apartment venture and enjoy the luxury of his new flat-screen TV and some frozen pizza.  Encountering a tiny toddler alone in the hall changes everything for the rough and rugged agent.  Relief sets in when the child's mother appears.  But when she collapses at his feet just before a blizzard hits Boston, Ethan's in over his head.  

Now, Ethan's changing diapers and playing doctor...and loving every minute of it.  The mother and child need a place to stay, and Ethan can't possibly turn them away. But this investigator knows people--and the woman he’s falling for is keeping secrets.  Can he uncover the truth while protecting them from the dangers of his job? 


Falling for the girl next door…

Mercenary Mason Lang never intended to go into this line of work, but with pay this good, he can’t turn it down. The only challenge is getting out with all of his limbs still intact, which is a lot harder than he realized. And when he does, Mason is going to have it all—including the shy and sweet girl next door.  


Laila James knew her crush on the gorgeous next-door neighbor was hopeless. And following a humiliating incident, she’d rather just forget him completely. However, when Mason comes back to town and tries to claim her for his own, Laila keeps her resolve. After all, she’s moved on and is even dating someone else. 


But Mason isn’t giving up so easily. His instincts go into overdrive as he suspects that the rich, frat boy who latched onto Laila is trouble. Determined to prove that they’re meant for each other, the mercenary has a new mission. Missing his chance the first time around, Mason refuses to lose the only woman he's ever really wanted. Can he make the girl next door fall for him again?



Not all queens want a knight to rescue them…

To the outside world, Caroline Wentworth is the new cold and cutthroat CEO of the struggling Wentworth Hotel chain.  Always dutiful, Caroline lived by her father's constraints, squeezing into the suffocating mold of the perfect southern socialite.  Since his death, she runs the show and makes the hard calls he refused to face, earning her the title of 'Ice Queen' from her employees.  

FBI Agent Isaac Rivera is used to assertive people, but he's met his match with Caroline.  Convincing this driven and overworked woman that she's in danger is his hardest mission yet. Just when he thinks he has her where he wants her, Caroline blindsides him again with her determined independence. Refusing to back down, Caroline has a hotel to save, and can't possibly get sidetracked by an irresistible FBI agent.  With danger looming and his heart burning, can this Knight thaw the fiery Ice Queen?


Can the shy mechanic fix his broken heart?  

Millionaire Rainer Torsten just wants to do his job and lay low. After his trust is violated by a woman, he's leery of letting anyone get close to him. But Rainer's fat wallet and chiseled hard body makes him the object of many people's desire—and envy.

When mechanic Georgia Hines overhears a scheme to kidnap the wealthy CEO for ransom money, she knows she must do something to help the soft-eyed philanthropist. After the kidnapping plan goes awry, Rainer and Georgia hole away in a secluded cabin, looking for sanctuary. As danger looms and snow falls, the heat between the businessman and mechanic intensifies. Can Rainer save them both and finally open his heart to Georgia—or is his past too broken for the mechanic to repair?

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