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The Future of the SO Series…

You might be asking yourself what future? I thought the SO series is over with Peyton’s story! Well, yes and no. As many of you know Ethan, our handsome FBI has been patiently waiting in the wings for his own story ever since his introduction in Calen’s Captive. We know he’s a hero without a cause, but I’ve started to give him one.

I decided a while ago that Ethan will launch Of Valor and Villains, a new series with new heroes, including his merc friend Jackson Lang who falls for the waif next door and friend from med school Carter Donovan who meets a ghost from his past.

But there were too many loose ends from the SO series to have this be an entirely new cast of characters. Some of you think Killian, the assassin from Trick’s Trap, needs a redemption arc and I happen to agree! I’ve got my eye on a curvy little accountant/librarian who paints miniatures on the side for our shadowy anti-hero. I also had some plans for our Russian friend Viktor, who will finally deal with the forces ordering him to do unspeakable things against his conscience.

And then there’s Caroline, Liam’s ex-fiancee. I did not expect to like that woman at all. I set her up to a mega-B if you know what I mean, because unlike some people I think there are true villains in life and we should have people to root against. But like in life, once you delve into someone’s story you gain a better understanding of them. And damn, is Caroline under a lot of pressure! Enough so that I don’t think her story is done. Our brittle ice queen needs a smoldering man to melt all that ice to get to the damaged but sensuous woman under that hard shell. He also has to be good with a gun because of course our ice queen stumbled into a mess with her hotel high flyers! Right now I’m think Mason, or intrepid Interpol agent from PP, although that’s not set in stone.

Why do these stories have to be a new series? Well, there are a couple of reasons for that. The hallmark of the Singular Obsession books was the billionaires and the people in their circle. And while some wealthy men and women will appear in the OVAV series it’s not strictly their world anymore. The OVAV series will mainly belong to men and women who live a completely different way.

Also there is a marketing issue to consider. Some people don’t like Step-brother romances and at heart that it what Making Her His, SO #1 is. I wrote the book after reading 50+ Lynne Graham novels back-to-back. The SO series starts as an homage to all those red-cover Harlequin books from my youth (shout out to FahLeena Latrese for her long ago gift of two of these for my 3rd grade bday). But I digress, stepbrothers are not everyone’s cup of tea and I want everyone to read my books. So a hot FBI agent as an alternate entry-point to my work seems like a good idea. Only time will tell if it actually is 😀

So yes. Of Valor and Villains is shaping up to be a companion series to the Singular Obsession books and the marketing will reflect that when the time comes. Ethan’s book has been stalled this summer as a lack of child-care put most of my writing on hold but kiddo goes back to her overpriced pre-school on Wednesday so I’m trying to gear up now. But I thought some of you might like to know where I am and thus this update post.

XOXO to you all!

Trick’s Trap is up for pre-order!


💖 I set a release date – April 16th 💖

Also please note this will be my first release at full price. I hope the $2.99 price tag won’t put too many of you off, but it will be in Kindle Unlimited as well at the time of release. Trust me it’s worth every penny and then some .

FYI the cover reveal for Peyton’s Price, the final book in the SO series, will be in the back matter of this book. I’ve been sitting on the cover for a while, and haven’t shared it because the cover is a huge spoiler in of itself. And I mean *HUGE*

I can’t wait for you to see it and to read Trick’s story. Patrick Tyler is currently my favorite SO hero 

Stay tuned for a sneak peek.

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The Virgin Dilemma

Hello Lovies!

Long time no post. First a few updates. I’ve hired a personal assistant to help me manage my ARC list, so if you recently joined there might be a little delay in getting your complimentary copy of my books for review!

For those of you asking how can I get free books you can email CandyCapPublishing at or fill in the webform to sign up for the list. Serious reviewers only please 🙂

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Now to the topic at hand…

I’ve had a few people ask me about my latest book, the Roman’s Woman and one aspect that’s a departure for me. What follows is a SPOILER if you haven’t read the book, but not a huge one.

For the first time my heroine is NOT a virgin. Several of you were disapointed by that and I know why!

First I want to address why I (mostly) write about virgins in the first place. It is intentional. The Singular Obsession books are an homage to all of those red cover Harlequin books I read when I was younger. I wrote Making Her His after reading like 50 Lynne Graham novels back to back to back.

You’ll recognize versions of those Harlequiny romantic tropes in this series. This is also a very deliberate choice. I wanted to do my own versions of those stories, but with certain “improvements”. I like my women strong. I detest emotional immaturity in my male and female leads. I once said my goal was to write characters you didn’t want to punch in the face. Yes, my men often do stupid things, but hey…they’re men 😛 Anything truly stupid they do will be mitigated by their unwavering devotion to their heroine.

Most of these books I’m referencing were about virgins. It’s one of the reasons I loved them. While in real life I would never expect that a woman abstain, I do enjoy it in fiction. I’m not making a statement about women or sex. I’m a strong advocate for equal rights when it comes to a women’s reproductive health. I don’t believe women have to wait for marriage or can’t enjoy casual sex. My stories are meant to be a pleasurable diversion and nothing more.

In books a virgin has an opportunity for clean slate, romantically speaking. They can have a fresh start without the baggage that comes from past disappointments or even past triumphs. There are, of course, exceptions. What makes a character a full-fledged person in my mind changes for each one.

Writing about virgins allows me to write a world where their first (or let’s be honest second) experience is an earth-shattering pleasure-filled dream. It sets a precedent for all their subsequent sexual interactions. Maybe it’s unrealistic, but I don’t write true-to-life fiction for a reason. The books I read and want to write are about as far from real life as I can get. I want the fantasy.

But it has to feel real. Yes, I love writing virgins—provided it makes sense with their life experience.

When I pictured Sophia, The Roman’s Woman (aka Gio’s true love), she was exceptional. The upbringing and circumstance of my other heroines led to them being virgins quite naturally, but Sophia just didn’t work that way. She’s a bit older than the others, more established. I didn’t think someone at her career level would be inexperienced. Additionally, I wanted her ex to play a role and that meant she couldn’t be a virgin.

To some extent I don’t write these books. I write what I see in my head. If everything is going well, it’s a process akin to writing down what’s happening in a movie. For this reason, I can’t promise all my heroines will be virgins. But most of them will be—when it makes sense. It is my fantasy after all 😛

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