The Roman’s Woman is Wide

After the frenchman lost his job times were very tough. Being able to check books out of the library was a godsend for me and kiddo, so I got a little teary when I saw The Roman’s Woman is on Hoopla. It’s also in a million other places. It will be followed by Trick’s Trap shortly and Peyton’s Price in a month or so… 

Check it out today! 


find it everywhere else at https://www.authorlucyleroux.com/books/the-romans-woman/

Scenes I did not have to research.

I know authors sometimes like to talk about how much research they did for a certain scene, but there are a few I’ve written I could almost entirely off the top of my head you might be surprised about…Here’s a short list.

Elynn setting the laminar flow hood on fire in Making Her His, because yes…I’ve done this. More than once. One time I knocked it over and set the entire bench surface on fire.

The gene therapy explanation Jack gives Derrick in the upcoming Tooth and Nail. Most of that was memory. I only had to look up plasmid names.

The scene describing Gia’s home village and what food to mention cause that’s just stuff I wanted to eat at the time. Anytime Hispanic food is mentioned, it’s because I’m hungry and want my mom to make/buy that item.

When Logan explains epigenetics to the werewolves in Air. It’s by no means exhaustive, in fact it barely scratches the surface but I like to throw in biological details to all my books because that’s my background.

What a slime mold looks like in Fire. Really, anything fungal-related in my books. My PhD is in microbiology but my focus was on fungi and genome-level technology.

Trick’s Trap is up for pre-order!


💖 I set a release date – April 16th 💖


Also please note this will be my first release at full price. I hope the $2.99 price tag won’t put too many of you off, but it will be in Kindle Unlimited as well at the time of release. Trust me it’s worth every penny and then some .

FYI the cover reveal for Peyton’s Price, the final book in the SO series, will be in the back matter of this book. I’ve been sitting on the cover for a while, and haven’t shared it because the cover is a huge spoiler in of itself. And I mean *HUGE*

I can’t wait for you to see it and to read Trick’s story. Patrick Tyler is currently my favorite SO hero 

Stay tuned for a sneak peek.