Join the Calen’s Captive Thunderclap & the Release day party!

The handsome Frenchman pointed out today that I have been remiss in informing my lovely readers about all the new book business!

My fabulous editor Rebecca Hamilton is organizing a Thunderclap for Calen’s Captive. The release day is almost here, but the Thunderclap will highlight the one-day kindle sale on March 8th!

Please add your support today by clicking HERE!

There is also a Facebook party starting Tomorrow Feb 15 from 2:00pm to Feb 16 at 6:00pm in EST! Join us by clicking HERE!

Don’t forget Calen’s Captive will be 99¢ for a limited time, Feb 15-18. After that, it will go to the regular price of $2.99—but trust me even at that price it’s a steal! It’s currently at 5 star read on Amazon!


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