Who writes three whole books without trying to publish anything?


But that will soon change. I’ve been working on the Singular Obsession Series since March 2013, thanks to the emotional and financial support of my husband. Before that, I was a frustrated scientist toiling away in a lab with no air conditioning in southern France. But after my last contract ended I decided to write full time, and my lovely supportive husband—intent on keeping me happy in his native land—gave me the green light to do so while he brought home the bacon.

But I digress—back to A Singular Obsession. It wasn’t a series at first. Making Her His was a stand alone book. But as time went on I thought to intertwine it with other stories I wanted to write. I started the second one, Calen’s Captive with that in mind. Then I wrote the third, Stolen Angel, while reworking Making Her His to include more details about the men in my later books. The order has changed too. Calen’s Captive was supposed to come after Liam Tyler’s story, which is now slated to be book five or six.

I’m looking to publish Making Her His in mid-December. Calen’s Captive will follow in February and Stolen Angel in April.

I’ve chosen to self-publish these novels because I don’t want to wait to share them with you. It’s not a case of sending them to a publisher and being rejected. After evaluating the state of publishing today, I decided it was more effective to cut out the middle man, so I didn’t submit them anywhere. After finding a great editor, a distributor, and a company to do a little promotion I think I’ve done everything possible to give each book the best possible launch.

Hopefully, you will enjoy my efforts! Thanks for visiting!