A Pregnant Pause… 2

I was on one of my facebook groups and someone mentioned whether or not it’s sexy when the heroine gets pregnant. If you’ve read my books, I think you know where I stand. And you can also probably tell what kind of stories I was reading at the time I came up with Calen’s Captive.

There is a whole world of erotica out there with similar story lines. Call it impregnation or breeding erotica…I’m a sucker for it. But so much of it is unsatisfying for the simple fact it’s too short and doesn’t linger on the HEA. Often you don’t know if it will even have a HEA, which I find problematic. So yeah, in a lot of my books babies will come up. Not in every one, but enough of them for me to address it here.

I crafted several stories with a little fantasy of family because I was (CUE DRUMROLL) trying to get pregnant…

And now I am. Five months. They say be careful what you wish for. To some extent, this is true. I don’t have a problem with the extra weight—although my french doctors do—or dietary restrictions yet, but I’m only 5 months. I don’t even miss drinking, although I can’t say the same for sushi. I really miss sushi. And having to wear a bra is annoying. Remember Charlie’s aversion? That came from somewhere. I too took off my bra as soon as I walked in the door, but no more. I even sleep in one these days because the girls have grown an impressive amount. But I can deal with that.

What no one mentioned as a pitfall of pregnancy is the damn Bubble-Boy level of immunity. I was sick almost all of January and now I’m sick again. I get everything going around. Luckily I was spared February or I would never have made a key deadline (more on this later).

So right now I’m a raging snot-monster. The handsome Frenchman has on occasion brought something home with him from the office. I couldn’t go outside during January without getting an earache and landing in bed with sinus trouble for at least two days. And I’m not going to mention the nasty stomach bug I got from one of my friend’s babies. I can’t get near her adorable little ones while they are sick, and little kids get sick a lot 🙁

So far, the count is five major colds/stomach bugs since the new year.

Not to mention that I am normally a serious allergy sufferer. I used to do an immunotherapy desensitization thing in winter to prepare for allergy season, but my allergist advised against it while I’m pregnant so spring should be interesting.

Maybe it’s time to invest in my own isolation bubble…